Dear Fellow - How do you get targeted clients/prospects to follow you on social media?

Dear Fellow,         How do you get targeted clients/prospects to follow you on social media?Seeking Social   Dear Seeking Social,   There are many things to think about when it comes to connecting with clients and prospective clients on social m...

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Technology Showcase hosted by Sensory Technologies

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Dear SMPS Fellows - Transitioning from Marketing to Business Development

Dear SMPS Fellows,   For someone who wants to transition from marketing into business development, what are some recommendations or first steps to doing so? How would one move from the masses to working with one?   I’ve been asked to comment on this topic many times.&nb...

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Dear SMPS Fellows - So Many Contracts... What's the Difference?

Dear SMPS Fellows:   I’m confused by all the different types of contracts in the construction industry. What’s the difference between GC/CM, EPC, Design/Build, Bid/Build, Negotiated, and G-Max? Are there others?    - Contractually Challenged   Dear Contractually...

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Dear Fellow - How Do I Become A Fellow?

This month, Tom Townes, AIA, FSMPS, is our guest blogger. Tom just began his term as Fellows Delegate on the Society board of directors. He is the director of business development for Van Note - Harvey Associates, PC in Princeton, NJ and presenter of the webinar “Demystifying the Fellows Proce...

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Dear Fellow - To Go or Not To Go

How do I communicate the importance of a Go/No-Go Form? We have a form, but I can’t seem to get people to fill it out so we waste time chasing projects the Go/No-Go Form would have identified as a ‘No-Go.’   - Feeling Form Frustration     Here are my thoughts. ...

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The CRM Conundrum

With predictive analytics and big data being the buzz of the day, it is surprising how many AEC firms have not implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system into their business development, marketing and sales strategies. The question is not whether you should use a CRM. If you care ab...

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It's a Visual World - Open Your Eyes

From the moment we first open our eyes, visual information plays a major role in information gathering. Studies show that people remember only: 10% of what they hear 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see and do. Those of us in the business world know that today’s marketing is...

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