Upcoming Events

    Jan 20

    Looking Forward – Building an Appropriate Strategy for 2021

    Join us for a lively discussion with SMPS HQ Leaders Donna Corlew (SMPS Foundation President), Melissa Lutz (SMPS Past President) and Doug Parker (SMPS President), moderated by David Werking (SMPS Indiana Past President).

    Feb 10

    Architectural, Interior, and Commercial Photography with Al Ensley

    In this session, we will cover ways to optimize your photography budget and make the most of your photo shoots - including some surprising advice about when to break out your iPhone and snap a quick photo v. when to engage a professional photographer.


    2020-2021 Board Slate

    Jun. 30, 2020

    Check out the proposed 2020-2021 Board Slate Presented by President Elect, Jamie Raymond.

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    Build Business 2019 - Crush Your Critical Moments with Dynamic Communications

    Oct. 29, 2019

    The final recap from Build Business 2019 is here! Harmony Gratzer summarizes Roberts' tips on how to make the biggest impact in the few moments you have with the selection committee.

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    Build Business 2019 - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making for Thought Leaders

    Aug. 29, 2019

    The third in our requested recap series examines critical thinking and problem-solving. How to solve problems and make decisions with careful evaluation of evidence and a dash of creativity.

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