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    Feb 20

    Annual SMPS Indiana Scholarship Bowling Tournament

    Join in for a fun day of bowling and networking to raise funds at our annual scholarship bowling tournament!


    Build Business 2019 - Crush Your Critical Moments with Dynamic Communications

    Oct. 29, 2019

    The final recap from Build Business 2019 is here! Harmony Gratzer summarizes Roberts' tips on how to make the biggest impact in the few moments you have with the selection committee.

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    Build Business 2019 - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making for Thought Leaders

    Aug. 29, 2019

    The third in our requested recap series examines critical thinking and problem-solving. How to solve problems and make decisions with careful evaluation of evidence and a dash of creativity.

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    Build Business 2019 - Connecting the Dots: Marketing’s Role in BX, CX & EX

    Aug. 9, 2019

    You voted, we've got it! What is marketing's role in crafting the brand experience, and how does that include customers and employees? Read Harmony's recap from Build Business 2019 all about Crafting Experiences.

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