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    Dear Fellow - To Go or Not To Go

    Aug. 19, 2014

    How do I communicate the importance of a Go/No-Go Form? We have a form, but I can’t seem to get people to fill it out so we waste time chasing projects the Go/No-Go Form would have identified as a ‘No-Go.’


    - Feeling Form Frustration



    Here are my thoughts.


    First, I would have a discussion with my supervisor determining if this is a process that we truly want to use and if the form is appropriate for the analysis. Assuming that it is determined to be appropriate and your supervisor agrees that it is a requirement, my next question would be, “How would you prefer I proceed on requests when the form has not been completed or if someone wishes to go against the form results?”  With this answer you will know where you stand.


    Here are some options for improving the process:



    • Assure that all staff members are educated about the importance and the impact on the bottom line. Also, communicate leadership’s commitment to this process.

    • When the form hasn’t been completed: Go to the individual requesting the proposal and ask them the questions on the form, such as, “Do we currently have a relationship?” and “Does this align within our marketing plan?” After completing the form, determine, in your opinion, if this should be a Go/No-Go. If you determine this is a No-Go, ask the person requesting the proposal to describe why they think the proposal should be a Go and document this response on the form. Then proceed as previously determined by you and your supervisor.

    • Fill out the form yourself based on the information you have and make a determination. If you determine that it is a No-Go, ask your supervisor their opinion on why it is a Go. Document the conclusion and proceed again as previously determined.



    Ultimately, we get paid to do a job and it may not always be as straight forward as we would prefer. Many times a Go decision can fall outside of the Go/No-Go form and be a pursuit based on opening a new door with a prospective client or elevating your brand in a perspective market. If either of these are the case it should be a well thought out strategy supported by other tactics. Regardless, at times the strategy can go beyond the individual opportunity. Choose your battles wisely, share your opinions professionally and select a firm whose philosophy aligns well with yours.



    David Werking, FSMPS, CPSM
    Business Development Manager
    ERMCO, Inc.



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