Dear Fellow - How do you get targeted clients/prospects to follow you on social media?

Dear Fellow,        
How do you get targeted clients/prospects to follow you on social media?
Seeking Social


Dear Seeking Social,


There are many things to think about when it comes to connecting with clients and prospective clients on social media. Your social media efforts should be part of a bigger picture, strategic approach to communication. 


Go where they are, and follow to be followed.
A variety of social media platforms exist to help companies share content and connect with their audiences, and different individuals will use different tools. Rather than diving into any social media platform because it is the latest and greatest, determine which platforms are appropriate to your audience as well as your goals. Once you’ve determined the most appropriate platforms, connect with your clients and prospects—both the organization and the individuals, when appropriate.


Content is king. Engage—don’t promote.
When trying to gain more followers on social media, sharing quality content is one of the most important considerations. Don’t think of your social media platforms as another way to blast out messages about what your company is doing—think of it as another way to build a relationship through quality content and interaction. Learn about the challenges and issues your clients are facing and use that to generate content ideas. By creating and sharing valuable content—either through the social media platform itself or using social media to drive traffic to another online destination (a blog, whitepaper or video, for example), you’re providing valuable information, which makes you a trusted resource. Consider not only creating content, but also sharing content prepared by others. When you read articles that you feel would be helpful to your audience, share those, as well. In addition to sharing content, read the content shared by your clients and prospects. Engage with your connections regularly so you stay top of mind and make them feel appreciated and listened to. Look for opportunities to collaborate and share information with clients for their social media platforms.


Don’t forget your advocates.
When looking at companies with which to connect, don’t just limit your connections to your clients or prospects. We are in a reputation-based and often referral-based business, so connect with other companies that can be advocates for you. Engage with them, as well, so that you become a trusted source for quality information and interaction.


Communicate your social media presence.
If your firm is on social media, think about where you can include the platforms’ icons. Make sure that information is on your web site, but think about other creative ways to let people know what social media sites you’re using and what they can expect to find there. For example, you could integrate the use of Twitter into trade show efforts, put a link to your LinkedIn page in your email signature, or provide a special link to your Facebook page for bonus newsletter content.

Building a rich social media presence takes some time and effort, but when approached with strategy and goals for quality content engagement, it can help you enhance your brand and build relationships.


Good luck!

Holly Bolton, FSMPS, CPSM 

Director of Marketing, CE Solutions, Inc. – Structural Engineers


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