Upcoming Events

    Mar 20

    Education Series: Your Voice - Big Impact

    Join Executive Presence Expert, Starla West, for an information-packed session where she’ll deconstruct the components of Executive Presence and explain how to develop, nurture and leverage them.

    Mar 27

    Greater Cincinnati Chapter Presents - The power of STORY - A Guide to Better Business Stories

    Join our friends in the Cincinnati chapter as they discuss the power of storytelling and how it can solve almost any business problem.


    Fairbanks Circle of Hope Dinner - May 8th

    Mar. 29, 2012

    COH Event Details:

    Celebrate the faces and voices of recovery at the Fairbanks Circle of Hope Dinner on May 8th at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. Honorary chairman of this year’s event is Brad Stevens, But

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    Higher Ed Client Panel Added to HRC Lineup

    Mar. 1, 2012

    University Facilities and Architectural Professionals from around the
    region will share their insights into the higher education market, its
    trends, the A/E/C selection process, and potential upcoming work. What
    are the problems they are

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