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    Build Business 2019 - Crush Your Critical Moments with Dynamic Communications

    Oct. 29, 2019

    The last in our requested recaps covers Josh Roberts’ take on dynamic presentation coaching. Roberts is the Vice President of Marketing Evolutions from Centennial, Colorado.

    Good presentation coaching isn’t easy. A coach must be the champion of the dynamic and get the people to face their fear of public speaking. Let’s face it, most people don’t love getting up in front of people. To coach well you also need a thick skin. Find someone that will watch you present and coach you. Look at your own shortcomings. When you can do that then you can understand what it is like to be coached and what feedback helps.

    Josh says it’s all about Winfluence: the mysterious, magical or hypnotic power to be victorious in A/E/C industry. Everything starts in the first minute of the presentation. Building trust with the audience and getting them to feel comfortable with you.

    Don’t fixate on the words you use. People are visual creatures and most of the impact of what you say isn’t in the content. It’s in the inflection of your voice. The way you move your hands to add energy and emphasis. Body language includes facial expressions, posture, gestures, eye movement, and how you touch and use the space around you. What body language you use might send a negative message. Quick shifts in movements with little to no eye contact can communicate nervousness or could also be read as distrust. Using vocal inflection, instead of a monotone pitch to your voice can add emphasis to what points you want them to remember. It also adds interest to what can sometimes be a very boring presentation.

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