The following is a list of the standing committees. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please contact the committee chair.

Don't be afraid to join more than one!


Education Committee

Chair Name:  Christina Nash, CPSM
Phone: (317) 269-2550

The educational committee is responsible for planning and coordinating two educational seminars each year. These seminars expand upon a given topic and enable the participants to more thoroughly study the subject in an interactive program. The educational sessions are selected from the SMPS "Six Domains of Practice". In addition to facilitating these educational sessions, this committee provides additional learning opportunities by leading and guiding the CPSM Study Group, and providing necessary resources and documentation for CPSM candidates and designates.


Programs Committee

Chair Name:  Bryan Gray
Phone: (317) 527-6067

This committee is responsible for planning the chapter's monthly programs. Duties include brainstorming for topics, scheduling speakers, and arranging venue details for programs throughout the year.


Membership Committee

Chair Name:  Jamie Raymond, LEED AP, RID, EDAC
Phone: (317) 449-0944

The membership committee is responsible for maintaining the current membership roster and tracking attendance, cultivating and connecting new members, and providing opportunities for current members to get more involved with the organization.


Sponsorship Committee

Chair Name:  Carrie Sermersheim, CPSM
Phone: (317) 416-4731

This committee is responsible for marketing the chapter as an ideal way for companies to increase their awareness to a niche audience through sponsorship of programs and other avenues. It is a great way to build a network and contribute to the financial strength of the chapter.


Communications Committee

Chair Name:  Travis Davis
Phone:  (317) 635-5030


Co-Chair Name:  Tracy Park
Phone: (317) 917-1190

This committee meets once a month and is responsible for promoting the chapter and communicating its activities through:

  • Writing news releases and articles for local and industry publications
  • Creating chapter promotional materials
  • Writing, editing and producing the newsletter, The SMPS Indiana Shortlist
  • Distributing news and events through the web site
  • Taking photos at chapter events 




Special Events Committee


Chair Name:  Cindy Culbertson
Phone:  (317) 501-5183


The Special Events Committee is responsible for making sure the chapter's big annual events are a success. Annual Special Events include the Scholarship Bowling Tournament, Monumental Awards and CANstruction. Additional events may be added as needed, for example 2017 events will also include SMPS Indiana's 30th anniversary and the national SMPS Build Business Conference in Indianapolis. We would like to have one sub-committee for each of these events to help plan and execute event activities. 







Winning the WHY on Both Fronts

Indiana Historical Society
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM



Education Workshop: Impact Position - Impact Hit Rate - Impact Your Career

Skyline Club of Indianapolis
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM