Upcoming Events

    Mar 24

    Boundless Self – Living a No Try Life

    Fresh off the heels of making and breaking those “New Year, New Me” Resolutions, now is the time to pause, refocus, and set yourself up for success in goal setting, efficiency, and priority management.

    Mar 26

    Get to Know Your Town Happy Hour - Members Only Event

    Join us at Brew Link Brewpub for our first ever Friday happy hour hang out in our "Get to Know Your Town" series. Visit restaurants on different sides of town and enjoy free drinks and networking with your fellow members!


    2020-2021 Board Slate
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    Build Business 2019 - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making for Thought Leaders
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    The following is a list of the standing committees. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please contact the committee chair.

    Don't be afraid to join more than one!

    Programs & Education Committee

    Chair:  Heather Cox - [email protected]

    Programs Co-Chair:  Megan Keller - [email protected]

    Education Co-Chair:  Shawn Rue - [email protected]

    This committee is responsible for planning the chapter's monthly programs. Duties include brainstorming for topics, scheduling speakers, and arranging venue details for programs throughout the year. Additionaly, the committee is responsible for planning and providing additional learning opportunities through the mentor/protege program and by leading and guiding the CPSM Study Group. They also provide the necessary resources and documentation for CPSM candidates and designates.

    Membership Committee

    Chair:  Travis Stevenson - [email protected]

    Co-Chair:  Tracy Park - [email protected]

    The membership committee is responsible for maintaining the current membership roster and tracking attendance, cultivating and connecting new members, and providing opportunities for current members to get more involved with the organization.

    Sponsorship Committee

    Chair:  Kate Sackers - [email protected]

    Co-Chair:  Ryan Enlow - [email protected]

    This committee is responsible for marketing the chapter as an ideal way for companies to increase their awareness to a niche audience through sponsorship of programs and other avenues. It is a great way to build a network and contribute to the financial strength of the chapter.

    Communications Committee

    Chair:  Adam Petruska - [email protected]

    Co-Chair:  Lilly Michal - [email protected]

    This committee meets once a month and is responsible for promoting the chapter and communicating its activities through:

    • Writing news releases and articles for local and industry publications

    • Creating chapter promotional materials

    • Writing, editing and producing the newsletter, The SMPS Indiana Shortlist

    • Distributing news and events through the web site

    • Taking photos at chapter events