Upcoming Events

    Jan 20

    Looking Forward – Building an Appropriate Strategy for 2021

    Join us for a lively discussion with SMPS HQ Leaders Donna Corlew (SMPS Foundation President), Melissa Lutz (SMPS Past President) and Doug Parker (SMPS President), moderated by David Werking (SMPS Indiana Past President).

    Feb 10

    Architectural, Interior, and Commercial Photography with Al Ensley

    In this session, we will cover ways to optimize your photography budget and make the most of your photo shoots - including some surprising advice about when to break out your iPhone and snap a quick photo v. when to engage a professional photographer.

    Smart Marketer. Smarter Leader.

    We believe marketing can and will assume a stronger leadership position in their firms; yet it won’t happen organically or through osmosis!

    Your SMPS Indiana Chapter, through the planning of the Education and Programs committees, wants to be the catalyst to Marketing's more active role in their firm's success. Today's accelerating age favors the bold. And, for the aspiring marketer, we want to be the organization that helps them become both a smart marketer and a smarter leader; aligning with SMPS Headquarter's objective of Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership.